SLS 2002 seeks to strengthen bridges, and build new ones, between the fields and discourses that comprise the broad range of interests of its members and attendees. We encourage innovative proposals for papers, panels, round-table discussions, and any non-traditional formats. Sessions involving speakers and/or respondents that transcend disciplinary boundaries are particularly welcome.

SLS is committed to promoting discussion across disciplinary boundaries. To that end, we strongly encourage presenting brief (10-15 minutes) summaries of papers rather than reading them in whole or in part, allowing time for group discussion, as well as organizing sessions in panel or seminar format, that consist primarily of discussion following opening remarks.

SLS meetings consist of 90-minute sessions, each of which may consist of 2-4 short papers, with or without a respondent; a panel or round-table discussion; a guest scholar with one or more respondents; performative presentations; or any other good idea you might have. We solicit proposals for independent papers; pre-organized sessions (one or more) consisting of several related contributed papers; and discussion, guest scholar, performative, or other types of session. Proposals should consist of a one-page abstract, including the name, affiliation and contact information for each participant. Contributions may be submitted by regular mail or e-mail to Jay Labinger, The deadline for submission is June 1 2002.

Those with ideas for sessions looking to enlist participants, as well as those planning to contribute individual papers interested in finding potential colleagues with papers on related themes, are strongly encouraged to make use of the conference Bulletin Board, which will be established shortly.

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