Conference Highlights

The conference will run from 6 pm, Thursday Oct. 10 through noon Sunday Oct. 13. Sessions of contributed panels and talks will take place Thursday evening, Friday morning and early afternoon, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning. The complete detailed schedule may be viewed on the conference website (

The main plenary event will be held on Friday afternoon, from 3-7 pm, at the Huntington Library in nearby San Marino. This will feature a talk by Charles Falco (Professor of Physics, University of Arizona), who has been collaborating with artist David Hockney on his much-publicized and controversial recent theory concerning use of lenses by painters. Two sessions of responses to the plenary talk have been organized for Saturday morning. There will also be a reception following the talk, and an opportunity to visit the library's galleries and gardens before it. Bus transportation from and to the hotel will be provided.

Two guest scholars will also be featured. Hillel Schwartz, historian (Never Satisfied: A Cultural History of Diets, Fantasies and Fat; The French Prophets: The History of a Millenarian Group in 18th-Century England; Century's End: A Cultural History of the Fin de Siècle from the 990s through the 1990s; The Culture of the Copy: Striking Likenesses, Unreasonable Facsimiles) and Director of the Core Program at Sixth College, UCSD will act as respondent in a session (Saturday morning) focused on his influence in cultural studies. Fiona Giles, independent scholar (Fresh Milk: The Secret Life of Breasts, forthcoming) and Research Associate with the Dept of Media and Communications at Sydney University, will speak in one session and act as respondent in a following session, both on Saturday afternoon.

A welcoming reception will take place on Thursday evening. The annual SLS business lunch (included in registration fee) will be on Saturday, and the traditional dance on Saturday night. A post-conference event, a staged reading of love letters between Albert Einstein and Mileva Maric, will be presented at Caltech on Sunday afternoon.

Chairs are needed for many of the sessions (see the program on the website to find out which). Attendees interested in chairing particular sessions should notify Jay Labinger ( as soon as possible.

View the provisional conference schedule

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